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Filipino Taste in Iceland

Only a handful of dishes are obviously Filipino: lumpia, of course, and pancit canton, which the menu calls “stir-fried chicken noodles.” The rest of the offerings chart a freewheeling course across Europe and Asia, from Russian beef stroganoff to Thai curry. The pancit comes with triangles of white bread, but it’s as good as any you’ll find in a neighborhood fiesta, thrumming with patis and lime. Even the stroganoff carries a garlicky warmth that recalls lola’s kitchen more than babushka's.

Memoirs Of A Spring Breaker, Or How To Catch Feelings For Reykjavík

Spring has come to Reykjavík, and with it spring breakers: a seasonal phenomenon as invasive as lupine and ineluctable as allergies. When I came here on my own university holiday, I planned to follow the Iceland-lite itinerary that most of us spring breakers stick to: Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle tour, somehow getting drunk enough on overpriced beers to regurgitate them onto your futuristic heated sidewalks. As so often happens on this island, however, nothing turned out as expected.

9 Best Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong

There are few food-minded Hong Kongers who haven’t been to Jashan. The sleek, stylish spot has been serving up Mumbai favorites to adoring crowds since 2003, and it got shout-outs in both the 2009 and 2013 Michelin Guides to the city. The lunch buffet is one of the best in town — the long row of trays features more than 25 savories, not to mention elegant desserts that stray beyond the usual gulab jamun and rice pudding.

Hong Kong's Best Rooftop Bars with Dazzling Views

Eyebar is located on the 30th floor of the iSQUARE skyscraper, a space it shares with the Michelin-starred restaurant Nanhai No. 1. Eyebar’s not quite as accomplished as its neighbor food-wise (FYI, those complimentary-looking spicy peanuts are really $25 a bowl, whether you eat them or not), but they have a great cocktail list and killer views. If you time it right, you can even catch the daily Symphony of Lights from here, all while sipping your ginny Suzie Wrong.

You’re Not a Hong Kong Hipster Until You’ve Tried These 9 Star Street Restaurants

Le Garcon Saigon hearkens back to Vietnam’s French era, when the capital city was called “The Paris of the Orient.” Many Vietnamese classics were born during that era, including banh mi, which here comes stuffed with housemade charcuterie. It’s all a little pricier than your typical Vietnamese joint, but the 5-7 happy hour — here called “L’Heure Saigon” — is a crazy good deal: free-flowing beer plus bar bites for $100.

The Best Korean Restaurants in Hong Kong to Get Your Kimchi Kick

Arirang is the granddaddy of them all: the oldest Korean restaurant in Hong Kong, open since way back in 1964. They recently opened a new space in Tsim Sha Tsui featuring plenty of the “smokeless” barbecue tables that they insist they invented. Barbecue is their specialty, but they also do hearty soups. If you’re feeling under the weather, go for the samgyetang, a ginseng chicken stew that has been known to cure everything from hangovers to the common cold.

8 Hong Kong Breakfasts You Can Eat All Day Long

The owners probably had coffee beans in mind when they named their shop, but they could just as well be referring to the syrupy-soft baked beans that every Englishman demands with his all day breakfast. Here, you can get your English breakfast in either “deluxe full” or “light” size, the latter of which is often recommended for female patrons. (As a female with a deluxe full appetite myself, I beg to differ with that recommendation.)

New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong 2017 guide including events and parties

New Year's Eve is all about superlatives: for the last party of the year, you want the wildest vibes, the strongest drinks, the glammest surrounds. So where better to go than the world's highest bar? Located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, Ozone hangs so far above Victoria Harbour that you'll actually see the fireworks from above. This lavish setting is perfect for this year's theme, which evokes the decadence of Marie Antoinette's court.

Tips On How To Become A Top Local Friend In Your City

If you have signed up as a local friend, you can use BookaFriend to earn money and meet interesting people from all around the world. How much money you make depends only on you, the time you invest in it and the quality of the experience you offer. Your profile is the first thing people see, so take the time to make your profile memorable. Add pictures and information that define you and don’t forget to mention all the experiences you can offer as a friend.

Cebu: An Experience Through The Traveler’s Goggles

The moment you arrive in Cebu you feel intimidated. Actually, the intimidation set in before that — it starts when the view from the plane shifted from shallow cerulean seas to the multi colored roofs of the city, a patchwork of Spanish tile and corrugated tin. There were so many layers to this city, so many variegated shades. How could you possibly sift through and find the gems you knew were hiding within?
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