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A Sea of Hope

At Johnson-Neles Dairy in Sonoma, 380 acres of undulating green hills under desktop background-blue skies, a farm worker mixes a wheelbarrow of feed for eager cows. On top of the usual blend of hay and grasses, the worker sprinkles a purplish-red powder, like a chef adding a pinch of seasoning to finish a dish. But this powder is no pepper: It’s pulverized Asparagopsis taxiformis, a red seaweed that can dramatically reduce the methane cows emit in their burps, according to studies by UC Davis scientists.

What the Food Industry Can Learn from Space — and Vice Versa

In 2013, Angelo Vermeulen was crew commander of a Mars mission simulation on the high slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano — the first mission under NASA’s Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation project, or HI-SEAS. He and five other people lived in a geodesic habitation dome about 11 metres in diameter for four months in isolation, eating mostly freeze-dried and shelf-stable food (including a few treats like Nutella).

The Sustainable Food Story Supperclub - Making the World Less Wasteful, One Meal at a Time

The Sustainable Food Story’s ‘Soup-er Seeded’ meal starts with a rainbow of carrot soups – orange, yellow and purple edging towards black. A scrawl of tahini garnishes each serving like an artist’s signature. When the bowls empty, they are replaced with plates of quiche scattered with sorrel. Rhubarb compote floating on clouds of sheep’s yoghurt and meringue rounds off the meal.
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